10 Creative and Cheap Garden Diy Ideas Anyone can do

10Creative and Cheap Garden Diy Ideas Anyone can do 2

Have some spare time on your hands?  Well here are some cheap and creative ways to customize your normal garden into an artistic piece of land.  The idea of having the perfect surrounding for your perfect home in a good neighborhood is what everyone wishes for. One of the things that stand out when we look at a house is the garden surrounding it. With the garden, we look at how much space can be utilized, and what great ideas can be used to attain an ideal garden. Gardens for some are a pass time, whereas for some it’s a way of trying to save our world from many effects such as pollution and global warming. Some materials cannot be recycled naturally, and by reusing them to plant seedlings and flowers, the “green effect” will be coming into full force. However, setting up a good garden is easier said than done.

For example, the Leonardslee Garden costs about $7.62 million excluding the maintenance, and it is one of the most exquisite gardens out there. Of course that is a bit pricy for a garden, so here are some few ideas as to how you can easily set up that beautiful garden you have always wanted at an affordable amount.  With the use of cheap and basic recycled materials, one can easily acquire their dream garden with the help of recycled materials to make garden utilities. It is as simple as turning a spoon into a flower pot hanger or a used tire into a pond. With the above mentioned materials and many others, it gives you the antique feel or the basic look depending on how you design your garden. Generally, your dream garden is very possible with the following ideas:


1.Take a peeler, some sticks and a pen. The peel of a little chunk of the stick, as easy as that you can label your plants.

2.By assembling cement bricks in any style you wish, you add that stylish look to your garden.

3.Simple way of recycling and transforming it into art, taking tin cans, some paint and nails. And you have the hanging garden.

4.A combination of flower pots, cement bricks and cubical wooden flower boxes and the result is just breathtaking.

5.Compile wooden boxes nail them together on top of the other like a staircase.

6.An old rim, some paint, super glue, broken pieces of tiles and you come up with this amazing design.

7.An old tire with a sizable plastics covering and you have a pond.

8.Very artistic yet so simple just a spoon and a nail, you can make a flower pot hanger.

9.Save your money and use basic home cooking oil which is more environmental friendly than any fuel, to light up your garden torches.

10.A simple 2 feet high green house built out of a pile of bricks, a metal and glass covering all very easy to set up.

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