Creative and Unique DIY Greenhouse

12. Hay and Straw Greenhouse

12. Hay and Straw Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouses are a great way of growing plants such as some good and healthy vegetables. In this day and age, it is absolutely possible to build your own greenhouse right in your yard for easy convenience. This way, you get to have some healthy and yummy food growing right close to home for easy picking at any time of the year, no matter the season. Here for you, are some incredible and creative ideas for you to try out for your greenhouse. These greenhouse DIYs are absolutely suitable for the yard because they are likely to easily fit in.

Simple Everyday DIY Greenhouse

This Greenhouse is the simple and typical style. If you prefer a greenhouse that is not extravagant, then this is the one for you to have. Because of its size, it gives room for upward farming. This means you will have more room for your plants inside the greenhouse.

Igloo Greenhouse

This greenhouse basically gets its name from its shape. The shape is that that resembles an igloo. This way, the greenhouse does not create visual pollution in your yard. It does both, serve its purpose as a greenhouse and also become one of the masterpieces in the garden or the yard. This kind of greenhouse has more of space on the ground rather than upward farming.

Mini Standard Greenhouse

The advantage of this mini greenhouse is that it can easily be moved from one place to another. This means that if you please, this greenhouse can be moved indoors so that you can have your plants right there indoors. Because the green house is both small and see-through, you can use it for flowers so that it can serve as part of your indoor d├ęcor.

Side Wall Greenhouse

If you prefer having your greenhouse outdoors, and, not so far from the house, you can use this DIY. It involves building your greenhouse using one of your house walls as part of it wall as well. With this DIY, you will be able to easily open the greenhouse and stand upright in it. You can also determine the size of the greenhouse so to either involve more of upward farming or more use of the ground.

Greenhouse with a Floor

This greenhouse is also quite portable because the plants in it will not be planted directly to the ground, but rather on a floor that is part of the greenhouse. For the floor, you can simply use some wood. This means that it is quite easy and affordable to make.

Geo Dome Greenhouse

If you like to be outstanding and extravagant, then you can make this greenhouse. The structure of the greenhouse has to be that that resembles a dome. As much as more material will be needed for the building of this geo dome greenhouse, it will all be worth it! It will be a strong and efficient greenhouse that will be able to withstand any extreme temperatures.

Plastic Wrap Greenhouse

If you are leaning more towards affordability, then this is just the greenhouse for you to try out. It simply involves using a large piece of transparent or translucent clear plastic paper or wrap. Not much needs to be done to attach the plastic wrap to the structure outline of the greenhouse. You can simply use some heavy material such as bricks or rocks to hold the wrap to the ground ensuring that the plants are fully covered.

DIY Rustic Window Greenhouse

I absolutely love the rustic theme of decoration and painting. If you can relate to this, then this is the greenhouse for you to try out. It involves using some clear windows and attaching them to a wooden frame. The wooden frame is the one that you paint over so to make the greenhouse look rustic and amazing.

Easy Open DIY Greenhouse

Greenhouses that can be opened give you the space to enter and monitor your plants with so much ease. Not to worry, because you can just as easily close the greenhouse when you are done so that the plants do not get affected by the weather. With this greenhouse, you can use some strong chains to ensure that when the top is opened, it does not fall over.

Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

Recycling is definitely the way to go in this day and age. For this greenhouse, you will simply be building it with some see-through, clean and clear plastic bottles. Not only will your greenhouse look unique and absolutely incredible, you will also be helping out the environment by using some plastic bottles instead of just throwing them away. This is excellent of building the greenhouse and positively impacting and contributing to the environment.

High Border Greenhouse

The perfect place to use this type of greenhouse is where there is extremely cold weather and snow. The high wooden border will keep the cold and snow out of the green house and will help ensure that the ground on which your plants are on does not freeze.

Hay and Straw Greenhouse

If you want to take creativity to a whole new level, then you can make and use this green house. The walls of the green house are made out of some hay and straw. This will mean you are using some easy and affordable material to make such a unique greenhouse. If the greenhouse is surrounded by other plants, it will more or less blend in with the surroundings.

Raised Garden Bed

This greenhouse is basically building a raised garden bed with some very fertile soil, then covering it with some plastic wrap. This greenhouse does not have to up a lot of space. What differentiates it from the other part of the garden is its fertile soil to ensure healthy growth of plants.

Simple Open Roof Greenhouse

This greenhouse does not need you to fully open it and walk into it. It is short enough for you to simply open one section of it and easily access the plants. This will mean that there will be fewer chances of your plants getting disturbed in any way.

Box Shaped DIY Greenhouse

If you believe that simplicity is key, and then this is definitely something for you to try out. It is the greenhouse with walls made out of wood and with a glass window for a roof. It is very easy to make this greenhouse and it can be of any size you please.

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